Srihita Rudraraju

Srihita Rudraraju

PhD Candidate, Psychology

UC San Diego


Hello, I’m Srihita!

I am a PhD Candidate in Psychology at UC San Diego. I am broadly interested in in the computational neuroscience of perceptual and cognitive phenomena, in particular how sensory systems extract information from complex (real world) signals. I apply machine learning techniques and mathematical concepts to neuroscience questions that explore Predictive Coding, a theoretical framework in which the brain compares a generative model to incoming sensory signals. My thesis work uses quantitative predictive coding models, implemented at a mechanistic level, to understand sensory representations, internal models, and the dynamics of computations that relate them in populations of single auditory neurons of songbirds.

You can find out more in my resume and CV, or our lab website.


Rudraraju, S., Theilman, B.H., Turvey, M.E., & Gentner, T.Q. (in prep) Predictive coding in the primary and secondary auditory cortical neurons of songbirds.

Theilman, B.H., Turvey, M.E., Rudraraju, S., & Gentner, T.Q. (in submission) Direct representation of stimulus space geometry by temporal coactivity patterns in neural populations.

Sainburg, T., McPherson, T., Arneodo, E., Rudraraju, S., & Gentner, T.Q. (in submission) Sensory physiology and perceptual mechanisms underlying learning context dependent categorical perception of birdsong sequences.

Vahidi, N. W., Rudraraju, S., Castagnola, E., Cea, C., Nimbalkar, S., Hanna, R., Arvizu, R., Dayeh, S. A., Gentner, T. Q., & Kassegne, S. (2020). Epi-Intra neural probes with glassy carbon microelectrodes help elucidate neural coding and stimulus encoding in 3D volume of tissue. Journal of Neural Engineering, 17(4), 046005. (pdf)

Castagnola, E., Vahidi, N. W., Nimbalkar, S., Rudraraju, S., Thielk, M., Zucchini, E., Cea, C., Carli, S., Gentner, T. Q., Ricci, D., Fadiga, L., & Kassegne, S. (2018). In Vivo Dopamine Detection and Single Unit Recordings Using Intracortical Glassy Carbon Microelectrode Arrays. MRS Advances, 3(29), 1629–1634. (pdf)